Recipe: Egg Beans, Baked Mushrooms

Home Cooking Recipe: Egg Beans, Baked Mushrooms


In order to make the eggs fried mushrooms are not so monotonous, so add a few pieces of beans soaked in, and also use the "煨" method to cook, the finished product works well. Soybeans absorb the savory taste of eggs and mushrooms, and become soft, juicy and tasty. It's a more casual home-cooked dish~ refreshing, tasty, not greasy~



  1. Pleurotus ostreatus: go to the old roots, wash, and tear into small pieces of garlic by hand: sliced ​​onions: cut chopped green onion beans: cut thick slices and add eggs: break up

  2. Stir-fry: 1. Heat the wok and add the appropriate amount of salad oil. Stir the eggs first. Pour the eggs into the pan and stir the egg in a direction with chopsticks until the eggs are cooked and discolored. Don't fry too old, you can pour it out when the shape is fixed. The eggs that have been stir-fried with chopsticks are not large, a little silky, and the shape of the peaceful mushrooms is better with ~2, put a little oil in the wok, add the oyster mushrooms after the fragrant garlic, stir-fry into the oyster mushrooms. After the water is discharged, add half a bowl of water, stir fry with beans and eggs, add a lid, and cook for 2-3 minutes on low heat. Always cook until the bean foam softens. At this time, seasoning: + soy sauce + oyster sauce + sugar + salt, try the taste. Put sesame oil in front of the pan. 3, decorate the chopped green on the plate after loading ~


Mushrooms are usually more flavorful than oyster sauce, so adding the right amount of oyster sauce will add to the mushroom dishes. Soybeans If the fuel consumption is too heavy, you need to burn it before cooking to remove excess oil and fuel consumption. Eggs should not be fried too old, because they should be cooked with mushrooms and bean paste.

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