Recipe: Edamame soy milk

Home Cooking Recipe: Edamame soy milk


Soybean is the old version of edamame, one is the old bean yellow, the edamame is the youth version of the soybean, and the other is the youthful cardamom. The puberty of soy beans is called edamame, the edamame is green, fresh and used to make vegetables; edamame, also known as vegetable soybeans, is a vegetable soybean that is specially eaten in the soybean crop. Soybeans are yellow, dry, can be used as seeds, and made tofu. Usually I often buy edamame not to cook, or to eat and eat. So what is the unique way to eat edamame, what about edamame to make edamame soy milk, try to buy edamame, very unexpected, light green, is a natural color, taste is not as mellow as soy, but the taste is fragrant, really Have a youthful feeling. Soymilk is a favorite drink of the Chinese people. It is also a kind of nutritious food for all ages. It enjoys the reputation of “plant milk” in Europe and America. The nutritional value of soybean milk and soybean milk is roughly the same. The protein and mineral content is slightly lower than that of soybean milk, but the soybean soybean milk has the unique nutritional value that soybean soybean milk does not have: Edamame is rich in vitamin C and soy bean soy milk does not contain vitamin C. The same amount of edamame soymilk has lower energy and fat than soy bean soymilk. The germination rate of edamame is higher than that of soybean, which has no scent of soy bean soy milk. It is more convenient and faster than soybeans.



  1. Fresh edamame peeled

  2. Rinse

  3. Put the edamame and 1.2L of water together in the soymilk machine.

  4. After ten minutes, the edamame is ready.


The amount of edamame and the water to be added are determined according to their own soy milk.

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