Recipe: Earthworm pig liver

Home Cooking Recipe: Earthworm pig liver


The pig liver is a leek series. It is very popular in Jiangxi, and it is fresh, spicy and fragrant. The palate should be smooth and tender, with a little bit of a hot mouth. Very suitable for people who are not spicy and not happy.



  1. First slice the pig liver, marinate the pig liver with starch and egg, and let it become tender. Green pepper

  2. Hot oil in the pot, under the pig liver oil (Note: the liver of the pig liver is slightly discolored, it must be poured out, must ensure the tenderness of the pig liver)

  3. Take another pot and sauté the ginger and garlic. Put the green pepper on the pot

  4. Pig liver after the oil is down, seasoning. Put salt, soy sauce, cooking wine. Stir fry evenly

  5. Hook up the pan

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