Recipe: Dutch bean fried sausage

Home Cooking Recipe: Dutch bean fried sausage



  1. The Dutch beans are picked up and the old tendons are torn off. (I usually remove the ribs while picking the head.) Put it in the basin, wash and drain the water for use.

  2. Sausage sliced ​​into thin slices

  3. Fresh shiitake mushrooms

  4. Garlic shoots loose, chopped

  5. Heat the pan on fire, pour in the right amount of oil, pour the oil into the garlic and savory.

  6. Pour in the peas, sausages, and fresh mushrooms for a while, and make the beans turn green.

  7. Add salt (or broth), cook in water for about three or four minutes.

  8. To the Dutch beans soft, add a little bit of sugar, the right amount of MSG seasoning Serve


1. This dish is simple to make, beautiful in color, and very appetizing to eat. The Dutch beans are tender and crisp, and the sausages are delicious. The addition of fresh mushrooms adds to the taste of the dish. 2, the degree of softness of the Dutch bean, I generally feel softer according to the spatula shovel, and it is easy to use the spatula to try to cut it in the middle. Generally speaking, if the above two requirements are met, it means that the peas are good, don't cook any more. Otherwise, if you cook too much, the Dutch beans will not taste good. 3, fresh mushrooms bought in the supermarket, the price is relatively cheap, it seems to be 5 yuan a pound. I bought a bag and used it as a side dish. In the vegetable market, fresh mushrooms need ten yuan per catty, and the price is doubled. 4, Dutch beans are also bought in the supermarket, very fresh, a total of more than 2 yuan. Very affordable. 5, the Dutch bean is green, the sausage is red, the bowl is white, which is the color of the Christmas. I wish the packages a Merry Christmas. My family's dinner menu:

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