Recipe: Durian sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Durian sauce


#二木食记# I haven’t had time to eat recently. I went home on the road last night and picked up a durian. I wondered if I was doing durian or a durian cake. As a result, I made a durian sauce today. The durian is shelled, peeled off, cut into small pieces with a bamboo knife, and slowly rolled into a sauce with a porcelain spoon. In fact, it can be cut directly with a variety of kitchen knives, put into the mixer to stir, but always feel that such a durian directly cut with metal knives, always lost a bit of delicious. Slowly mashed into a sauce, hot bottled, inverted buckle, the taste of refrigerated durian, although most people can not accept it, but it is very delicious



  1. The durian is cut into small pieces with a bamboo knife/ceramic knife, placed in a clean water-free bowl, and pressed into a mud with a porcelain spoon. [You can use a common kitchen knife and a cooking machine directly, but I always feel that there is a metal smell. And playing with the cooking machine is too thin, I prefer to have a sense of fiber]

  2. After the pressed durian mud and rock sugar powder and lemon juice are evenly mixed, cover the plastic wrap and let it stand at room temperature or in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.

  3. Pour the refrigerated durian mud into the pan, stir it and stir until the water evaporates until the durian sauce becomes thick.

  4. Turn off the heat, put it in a glass bottle that is boiled and dried in boiling water, seal it, and pour it on the table to cool it, and keep it in the refrigerator.

  5. When you cook, be sure to keep stirring. Stop and paste. Because my family has high blood sugar, I am doing a less sugar version. The ratio of sugar and pulp is about 1:4. You can increase or decrease the sugar according to your own taste. Sugar can also use ordinary sugar powder, but I think that durian is easy to get angry. It may be less of a fire with iced sugar. It is purely psychological comfort.

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