Recipe: Durian iced moon cake with durian filling

Home Cooking Recipe: Durian iced moon cake with durian filling


I recently fell in love with durian and mooncake season, so I wanted to make a durian stuffed moon cake. But the durian stuffing on a treasure is mung bean and durian, not pure durian. So I found it on the Internet for a few days and found a recipe. I tried it according to this recipe and could not form a group. So I added and subtracted, and finally made the stuffing, friends said delicious. The original party is here: This formula can make 6 50g snowy moon cakes



  1. 5 grams of gelatin tablets are placed in ice water for soft standby

  2. The durian meat is taken out and crushed by hand (I want to eat some flesh, so I don't break it with a cooking machine. If you want to be smooth, you can use a cooking machine to break or sift), weigh 250g.

  3. Put it in the pot and stir it for about ten minutes until the durian meat in the pot is only about 130g, and the durian meat can get together.

  4. Add butter, continue to stir fry over medium heat, mix well and then pan.

  5. Add the gelatinized gelatin tablets, stir well, and put them into the freezer to cool them down to make them harden quickly.

  6. After freezing hard, take it out and divide it into small groups. If it is still a little soft, freeze it for a while, then pack it into the moon cake. Wait for the durian stuffing to soften after the card mold.


When you fry, you must use a non-stick pan, otherwise it will stick to the mess, and your hands can't stop!

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