Recipe: Durian ice cream

Home Cooking Recipe: Durian ice cream


Unwilling to fall in love with durian! From the durian is very special taste! It’s like stinky tofu smelling stinky but very fragrant! The outer shell of the durian is thick and hard, and it is not worthwhile to take out most of the outer shell of the durian meat. Because I don't pick durians, I always buy durian meat, and because someone doesn't like the taste of durian, every time I buy a small amount, I can eat it once. I bought durian again yesterday and made [Durian Ice Cream] for my mom to taste. Mom also likes to eat durian! Sitting next to my mother, you have a spoonful of me to eat a spoonful of fun, watching the old child at home every day, peace of mind, a feeling in my heart ------ happiness! Durian, nostalgia! Do you like durian like me?



  1. Egg yolk plus 40 grams of white sugar, beaten with egg to beat the yolk color white, sugar melted

  2. Add 250 grams of milk and mix well

  3. Heat the egg milk while stirring, do not boil until the liquid is evenly distributed.

  4. Durian meat is broken into a paste with a blender

  5. The whipping cream is straight and strong and can flow.

  6. Put the durian meat in the cool egg milk and mix well

  7. Then add the light cream and mix well.

  8. Pour into a container and place in a freezer to freeze. Flip once every hour, you can eat it after about 3 flips.

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