Recipe: Durian hibiscus cup

Home Cooking Recipe: Durian hibiscus cup


There is no oven at home, so



  1. The digestive cake is powdered with a cooking machine.

  2. Durian is made into a durian pulp with a cooking machine. Of course, first remove the core

  3. The cream is sent with an electric hair dryer. You can join the condensed milk at the same time.

  4. The cream is sent to the grainy way, but the durian pulp is added when the angle is not yet set. I like the taste of durian.

  5. Load it into the flower bag, do not put the flower bag into the storage bag, cut a small mouth. Can't cut big, not good control!

  6. In the first layer of the cup, first spread the cake. Squeeze the cream again. Cream is squeezed in the middle as much as possible. Then pick up the cup and slowly level it.

  7. Repeat step 6 all the time. Until you reach the thickness you are satisfied with. The last layer is best at the end of the cake. Of course, put a little little decoration on the more beautiful.


The biscuits are shredded and the layers are distinctly beautiful, but the biscuits are sweet, so if you don't like sweet, you can put less cake. Also, fruits that seem to be able to be paste can be added. Mango can! Others, you can try.

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