Recipe: Duojiao oysters braised tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Duojiao oysters braised tofu


Simple tofu can also make meat taste!



  1. Wash the tofu, all four, then cut the slices!

  2. Cut the green onions and slice the ginger and garlic for use!

  3. Take a small amount of oil in a pan and fry the tofu slices on both sides of the golden!

  4. Another pot of oil, a little pepper and onion ginger garlic musk, pour into a half bowl of hot water to boil!

  5. Under the tofu tablets, add oyster sauce, soy sauce, allspice, salt seasoning! Grind the black pepper in!

  6. Cook for a few minutes, add green garlic seedlings, add flavor, keep shaking the pot and avoid mashing!

  7. When you are about to dry the soup, put a proper amount of water starch to thicken it, and then add a few drops of sesame oil to make the dishes beautiful!


This dish I use is homemade 剁 pepper, do not like chili can also not put, add some bean paste can also, or do not bean paste light with oyster sauce tart is also good, always according to personal taste, do not change a layer, you can Free to play! Tofu should use old tofu, tender tofu can't be done, it is not easy to shape!

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