Recipe: Duck stewed noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Duck stewed noodles


Sui and Tangshan people, do not say anything else, it is a reality, the family came to the guests, must take out the good things at the bottom of the box to entertain people! No matter who has anything in the neighborhood, as long as it can help, it will definitely help! Oh, don't say anything else, open the door seven things ~ ~ ~ Chai ~ rice ~ oil ~ salt ~ sauce ~ vinegar ~ tea! I don’t know which one is missing in the end of the year. Every day I think about it, except for eating, it’s still eaten. I’m going to ponder it all day long~~~ I finished this meal, what should I eat next time? (Haha, the typical one eats food, it is eaten and eaten without long meat) My husband will return from the place where the rabbit is not smashed tomorrow. The mood is still full of happiness. I haven’t seen it for several days. I don’t know if he is thin? (Should not! It’s only a few days? But I’m really worried that his stomach is not good, will it hurt?) People haven’t come back yet, I’m going to make up first, come to the duck stewed noodles, huh, huh At noon, I had a meal with our family leaders, and almost even the soup was drunk! The duck meat is stewed. (Our old lady is very concerned about me. The day the leader went to her to eat. She specially let the leader bring it back to me. I had a meal that night. After I finished eating, I sent it to my husband. Text message: The old lady stewed duck is particularly fragrant, do you want to eat it? Haha, I am not a temperament?), cabbage, one tomato, and most importantly, the right amount of fans! (This method is not only suitable for duck meat, but also other stewed meat)



  1. Put a little oil in the pan, add the onion ginger and sauté, and add the chopped cabbage to the cabbage.

  2. Add the duck meat and stir well, put the right amount of hot water in the pot (the water must be put more, because the fans are very draught)

  3. Put the chopped tomato pieces into the pot and put them in the washed fan

  4. After the fire has boiled the soup, change it to a small fire and simmer. Stew until the fans are soft and rotten. (Do not stew for too long, because the duck is cooked, and the cabbage is a very familiar thing.)

  5. Add a little salt, MSG and sesame oil to taste.

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