Recipe: Duck blood vermicelli soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Duck blood vermicelli soup



  1. Duck blood washed, diced

  2. Take two slices of cabbage, wash and shred

  3. Fans soften with warm water

  4. Pour the oil in the pot, add hot water to the Pixian bean paste, and sauté with a small fire. Add the cabbage and stir fry a little and add water (if you use broth, it's best, if you don't have it, just use it!), boil it with a big fire.

  5. After boiling, taste the salty. If it is light, add some salt, add the fans and duck blood, and quickly cut it with chopsticks. Cover the lid and boil it to add the broth. Although it is not an authentic duck blood soup, it tastes good. Duck blood powder is tender, smooth, and spicy in the mouth. If you can add some pepper when you fry the sauce, the taste is better, but unfortunately LG does not like pepper, this is a little regret.

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