Recipe: Duck blood tofu vermicelli soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Duck blood tofu vermicelli soup


I made some changes and used my favorite white tofu. The duck intestines were also omitted because there were old people in the house, worried that she couldn’t chew, but it was still delicious. I think the real food is from the heart, not limited to ingredients, hahaha.



  1. First, let the fans soak in warm water, and turn them a few times in the middle to ensure full soaking.

  2. Tofu and duck blood cut into even lower speeds

  3. Add water to the soup pot, add ginger slices and boil until boiled, then put the duck blood, tofu, and fans into the pot in turn, boil until it boils again (or about 1-2 minutes), turn off the salt, MSG, Seasoning with pepper

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