Recipe: Duck blood soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Duck blood soup


The duck blood nutrition is super good, the children at home are super loved, so the simple and nutritious things must be recorded.



  1. The duck blood is cut into pieces, the older children cut into large pieces, and the children cut small pieces. Boiled in hot water, the duck blood is cooked, so as long as it is cooked to a slightly reddish color, it will turn dark red. It doesn't matter if you cook for a long time, duck blood will not be bad.

  2. Put the soy sauce, shrimp skin, mustard, and heat the water in the bowl to make the soup base.

  3. The boiled duck blood is taken out and placed in the prepared soup base (usually I have a duck blood boiled, it can be divided into two bowls, which is the amount of a bowl). Sprinkle with pepper, chopped green onion, and sesame oil.


In fact, the soup actually puts on what to taste, soy sauce or salt, pepper can not be less, other random!

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