Recipe: Duck blood fried spinach

Home Cooking Recipe: Duck blood fried spinach


The origin of this dish is such a drop: I went to the hospital some time ago and wanted to adjust my body. I found that I was seriously anemic to the extent that I needed hospitalization, frightened me, and went home to prepare various recipes to supplement the blood. This dish is indeed a blood-rich weapon. I have been eating it for more than a month. I eat it every day and eat it every day. It really works. There is no recipe for such a big dish, hey, I will make up a hahahaha!



  1. Take a pat of garlic and cut into small pieces; the duck blood cuts small squares; the spinach cuts into small pieces.

  2. Add some salt to the water and pour the spinach. After the fish is removed, pour the duck blood again. When the color becomes darker, remove it.

  3. Heat the pan into the oil. After the oil is hot, the garlic is cut off. After the scent is extracted, the duck blood is cut, and then the cockroach is smashed to the surface to change color.

  4. Boil the spinach, stir fry until quick-cooking, add salt and soy sauce, and then simmer for a while to get out.


Duck blood cut small pieces can be more fragrant, too big to eat like wood has the same taste... When adding salt to spinach, it is to make the dish greener.

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