Recipe: Dry pot spicy shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Dry pot spicy shrimp


Living in the coastal city of Fujian, growing up from snack seafood, so in addition to recording the children's food in my blog, the amount of seafood and the amount of soup should be more. But why didn't I have soup in the near future? The reason is of course because the dance has recently gone to work far away from home, and the time of soup is naturally much less. Even if there is time to operate, it is also a soup that is usually used by children. The seafood is different, because the market is close to home, it is easy to buy fresh, especially this season, shrimp is very cheap, easy to operate, so the chance of eating seafood is more. Although the autumn in the south cannot be compared with the north, the appetite can change with the seasons. It seems that I have recently become interested in spicy foods (although too spicy is not acceptable)嘿嘿



  1. When the shrimp goes to the head, take the gut out of the house and wash it with salt and cooking wine for a while.

  2. Cress leaves to leave the stalks cut, the coriander is also cut, garlic slices, ginger shredded for use

  3. The potatoes are shredded with water to wash off the starch, drained and dried with a napkin; the peanuts are also washed and wiped off with a napkin.

  4. Hot pot cold oil, small fire, put in peanuts, deep-fried and drained, potatoes are also fried; shrimps are also washed off the surface of excess water, hot pot hot fried over

  5. Wash the pot with a small fire and add the ginger, dried chili and pepper to the incense, add Lee Kum Kee Sichuan spicy sauce and saute

  6. Then add the fried shrimp to the fire and stir it evenly.

  7. Add the potato strips and cress, stir fry, cook a little cooking wine, fish sauce, sprinkle with fried peanuts and parsley and stir well.


1. Remove the excess starch after washing the potato strips. It is not easy to paste the pan when it is fried. When you fry these materials, you must wipe off the water and prevent the oil from splashing. 2, the oil temperature of fried shrimp should be as high as possible, in order to keep the fried shrimp outside the crispy inside 3, the amount of spicy sauce, dried chili and pepper increased or decreased with their own taste 4, ginger, garlic and parsley are indispensable, not only can increase the taste can help to go

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