Recipe: Dry pot chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Dry pot chicken


Lost LC's Balite pot, what do you want to do with the pot? In the end, I decided to make this favorite dish of the rice dish in the Hunan restaurant.



  1. First clean the pheasant, smash it, and drain the water for later use. Cut the garlic and onion into pieces, wash the pepper and cut into small pieces, and cut the garlic and garlic into small pieces.

  2. Put the oil in the pot and heat it on a small fire. Put the peppercorns and the right amount of salt into the pot and blast it. Add the dried chicken to the dried water, and put the pheasant out in the bowl.

  3. Add oil to the pot and add ginger, garlic, and pepper to add a small amount of salt and stir fry. Add the onion and garlic to stir fry, then pour the chicken in the bowl and stir fry, then add a small amount of water. Stir fry again, and finally add the garlic before the pot to the pot.


I personally think that it is better to have a little bit of juice, so the turkey does not need to fry too dry.

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