Recipe: Dry pot

Home Cooking Recipe: Dry pot


I believe that many students like me, like to eat fat, but feel that they are very troublesome to do, so buy a ready-made home to eat outside. Well, this is a breeze, but the hygiene and taste are hard to guarantee. I once bought the finished fat sausage in Daoxiang Village. The brand store, the health still said the past, but it was too salty, and the flavor of the fat sausage was covered by salt. So if you want to eat a clean and delicious fat sausage, then do it yourself. There are many practices in the fat intestines, braised fat intestines, fat intestines and soy beans, and today we will give you a pot of dried fat!



  1. The sausage is washed repeatedly with coarse salt and flour, and the intestine oil is removed until there is no mucus on the fat intestine.

  2. Inject the water into the pressure cooker, pour into the washed fat intestines, transfer the salt, cooking wine, soy sauce, aniseed, pepper, cinnamon, fragrant leaves, press for 13 minutes after the gas

  3. Remove the cooked fat intestines, rinse them off with water, and cut the diagonal knife for use.

  4. Onions, red peppers, onions, ginger, garlic, parsley are ready for use

  5. Inject oil into the pot, sauté the cardamom, pour in the intestines and red pepper, onion, ginger, garlic, parsley and stir fry for a while.

  6. Spread the lettuce leaves in an alcohol pot, place the onion on the bottom of the pan, pour in the fat sausage, and simmer on the fire and eat.

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