Recipe: Dried pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Dried pork



  1. Pork shredded, seasoned with wine, salt, and marinated for 10 minutes

  2. The oil in the pot is hot, and the meat is fried in the pork.

  3. Wait until the appearance of the pork is yellowed and drained.

  4. Leave a little oil at the bottom of the pot, sauté the scallions under the onion, then stir in the red pepper and pepper, and finally pour the fried pork into the pot.

  5. Dip into cooking wine, soy sauce, sugar and MSG. Stir in the fire until the soup is drained.


Tips: 1. The oil of the fried pork must be hot, otherwise the pork is not easy to dry; 2, red pepper and pepper into the pot to control the heat and grasp the speed, pepper and pepper fried this dish will cost.

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