Recipe: Dried chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Dried chicken


This dish is characterized by hemp, spicy and a hint of sweetness. When you eat the first bite, the pepper will spread in your mouth and make your whole mouth numb. The taste of the pepper stimulates your taste and makes you more appetizing for you to love this dish. Dear, let's try it out! Super recommended. . . . . .



  1. Chop the chicken into small pieces

  2. Pour the heat into the oil [two to three times the oil when cooking normally). When the oil is burnt until the heat is sixty-seven percent, the ginger is fried and the scent is fried.

  3. When the chicken pieces are cooked, directly into the pepper, dry the pepper, stir-fry until the chicken is darker and darker. Add a small spoonful of cooking wine to a teaspoon of soy sauce and sugar.

  4. Add the right amount of salt and MSG before the pan.


This dish is spicy enough to taste, and it is delicious enough to eat.

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