Recipe: Dried bean fried bacon

Home Cooking Recipe: Dried bean fried bacon



  1. Dry beans are soaked in advance, and drained and drained in about twenty minutes.

  2. Slice the bacon, cook for about a minute, remove the salt and remove and drain.

  3. Green pepper, Chaotian pepper cut oblique section, ginger garlic chopped.

  4. Put a little oil under the pot, the next bacon, stir-fry until the bacon is slightly yellow.

  5. The ginger and garlic peppers are stir-fried for about half a minute.

  6. Dry the beans, add a little water, add soy sauce and salt, stir fry for about three minutes.

  7. During the period, you can use chopsticks to clip a piece of dried beans to taste, and you can turn off the fire.


Adding dry peppers and peppers should be more delicious.

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