Recipe: Dried bamboo shoots

Home Cooking Recipe: Dried bamboo shoots


It is convenient to save food and taste good.



  1. Dry bamboo shoots, ribs and water to the blood. The water of the dried bamboo shoots remains.

  2. Put the ribs into the casserole, add the ginger, pour the cooking wine, soy sauce, soy sauce, add a little salt, and pour the water into the dried bamboo shoots.

  3. Open the fire and let the casserole boil and turn to a small fire. Wait until the ribs are stewed, add the dried bamboo shoots and continue to stew.

  4. Wait until the dried bamboo shoots are full of ribs and add a little sugar to the ribs.


1. Choosing small rows of ribs is preferred. 2, I am not accustomed to this dish too soup soup water, so the water of dried bamboo shoots only add a little. If you like soup, add more.

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