Recipe: Dried bamboo shoots

Home Cooking Recipe: Dried bamboo shoots


This is a very common farmhouse dish, the farmhouse's preserved dishes, its own smoked bacon, different varieties and seasons of dried bamboo shoots or fresh bamboo shoots, can be combined with a different taste, but the practices are roughly the same.



  1. Wash the old bacon to the surface and cut into pieces.

  2. The dried bamboo shoots are washed and washed repeatedly, and the excess bamboo shoots on the surface are torn off, and cut into two pieces. Surrounded by water.

  3. The garlic is cut into segments.

  4. Heat the pan, add the vegetable oil, add the bacon slices, stir-fry the oil, and the fat becomes transparent.

  5. Add the bamboo shoots and stir fry, and add the color to the bamboo shoots.

  6. Put the garlic in a frying pan until it is slightly soft.

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