Recipe: Double peppered duck breast

Home Cooking Recipe: Double peppered duck breast


Speaking of TVB (HK TV)'s midday leisure news program "Urban Leisure", the link named "Tonight's Restaurant" (what food tonight) is definitely one of the enlightenment teachers for me to cook. . It is said that I started from elementary school, and I was kept at home during the winter and summer vacations. I was not allowed to go out. Watching TV became the only entertainment of that era. From the early morning to the evening, even the teachings of the teacher's milk (housewife) cooking at noon did not let go, not because they liked it, just because they were boring and nothing to do. At that time, there was no "cable TV" in Guangzhou. The parents raised funds to get "closed-circuit television" in the dormitory area, so they began watching HK TV programs from the fourth and fifth grades of elementary school. From the beginning of elementary school, I watched ATV (Asian TV)'s Fang Taijia cooking, and later I saw TVB's "Tonight's Restaurant" in junior high school. I have been seeing college winter holidays. Over time, the techniques and techniques of cooking are printed in my mind, and even when I was really interested in cooking, I made a difference in the taste of my mother's dishes. There is no winter and summer vacation after work, I can't continue to watch such programs in the afternoon. After going abroad, I couldn't see it any more. After that, I relied on the development of the Internet. Many people recorded these programs and put them on the places of YOUTUBE and Tudou. I was fortunate enough to continue my hobby years ago - see others cooking. This dish is inspired by the "Chuan Pepper Fried Duck Breast" on the show (you can see the question on YOUTUBE). It is said that the duck body, we eat everywhere, but the duck breast has been ignored by us, always only with the whole duck on the table. Therefore, the price of the duck breast is cheap. This dish is based on the "economical" as a selling point. If you don't get 10 Hong Kong dollars, you can buy a duck breast in the HK market. The material used in the program is Chuanjiao and fresh red pepper, but my old cat is not very spicy, so I have changed the ingredients. Originally, the duck breast was said to have a skin. When it was done, it was fried together with the skin. If it was fat, it would be removed. The French duck is really fat, the skin and fat are really amazing, plus the old cat and even the thin skin of the roast duck are picky. I even think about it after I cut it, and finally I removed the skin and fat. I prefer not to be so fragrant, but also better than the old cats protesting or eating. I always like to spoof recipes. One is because I like to be lazy. Secondly, because some people in the family have different tastes from us (Chinese), they have to follow the original authentic practices and some people will protest against eating. The duck breast meat is marinated and then fried. There is no original smell of duck meat, and it is tender and slippery. The old cat is full of praise, and the rice has a bowl and a bowl. It turns out that the "cheap" ingredients that we have been neglecting can make such delicious and economical side dishes. When you pass the vegetable market next time, you may want to buy a piece of duck breast to go back and try it. It is cheap and delicious!



  1. After slicing the duck breast, add the seasonings such as sugar, soy sauce, cumin powder, pepper, Shaojiu, sesame oil and raw meal, and marinate for 15 minutes.

  2. Cut out the skin and fat is amazing

  3. Cut celery, cut the onion and divide into pieces by hand, peeled slices of carrot

  4. Mix 1 teaspoon of water with 5 tablespoons of water, soy sauce, sesame oil, and raw flour into a clam sauce.

  5. Add some oil to the hot pot, slightly sauté the celery, onions and carrots, add a little salt, and serve up.

  6. Sauté the pepper, then throw away the pepper, use the remaining oil to sauté the dried red pepper, then pour in the duck breast slices, stir fry until 8 ripe and add the amount of Shaoxing, then add the celery carrot and onion, stir fry After pouring the juice, you can


1. If the celery is not tender enough, you can cut off the skin and cut it. 2. People who are not afraid of greasy can keep the skin of the duck breast and cut it into pieces together. 3. Duck breast meat should not be fried too long, the color change can be hooked off the fire on the saucer, so please adjust the sauce in advance, so as not to be in a hurry.

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