Recipe: Double pepper fried cuttlefish

Home Cooking Recipe: Double pepper fried cuttlefish



  1. Dried cuttlefish first soaked in water, soaked in hair, chopped into small strips

  2. Ginger garlic minced, green pepper cut into small circles

  3. Put the oil in the pan and heat it. Put a little bit of garlic and sauté. Ginger all under the pan. Turn over and smell the squid.

  4. After a few fry, the cuttlefish will be fried out of water. At this time, put a little bit of pepper, a little soy sauce, and evenly

  5. The water is almost dried, the green and red peppers are all fried in the pan, they are broken, and the remaining garlic is all in the pan.

  6. Add a few drops of soy sauce, season with salt

  7. Finally, MSG chicken chooses to put it down.

  8. carry out


Stir-fry ~~ Mainly to stir up the squid's moisture and then ~~ Use the water to slightly squid the squid for a while~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

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