Recipe: Dong Tai's private kitchen - tofu roll

Home Cooking Recipe: Dong Tai's private kitchen - tofu roll


In the summer, you can be colorful, you can make a refreshing dish without any effort. I like to go on such a plate after the sweating exercise. Satisfied, delicious.



  1. Cut the tofu skin that has been bought into squares and set aside.rCarrots are washed, peeled, and shredded.rWash the potatoes, peel them, and shred them.rWash the green pepper, then go to the stalk and then shred.

  2. Put a proper amount of boiling water in the small pot, boil the tofu skin, remove it, and remove it.

  3. Put in the right amount of salt, the pepper is quickly drowning and draining.

  4. Then add the carrots to the water and remove them in a minute. Drain the water and let it cool.

  5. Then add the potatoes to the water, remove them after about three minutes, drain the water, and cool.

  6. Then put carrot, potato, and pepper on top of the tofu roll, then roll it up, and the code is good.

  7. Take a small bowl, add the sweet sauce, sesame oil, stir, and then pour over the tofu roll.

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