Recipe: Doman small balls

Home Cooking Recipe: Doman small balls


This multi-man's small ball is a cottage sweet workshop. This dessert, the price of the sweet workshop is 35 meters, do it at home, about cost about ten dollars, can do two. The most important thing is At home DIY, you can also enjoy your own fun, the taste is definitely not worse than the store, like to go home and try it.



  1. Boil the water in the pot, put the quick-frozen small round into it, stir it with a spoon to prevent the stick, and cook it in small to medium heat until the small round floats.

  2. Pick up the small round and put it in cold water for use.

  3. Take half a cup of white sugar and half a cup of water, put in a pot and cook until the sugar is completely melted.

  4. Sugar water to cool off

  5. Mango peeled and cut into cubes

  6. Leave some of the good-looking mango diced, and pour the other mango into the blender, pour the cool syrup together.

  7. Stir into mango puree

  8. Pour the mango puree in a container, sprinkle with mango granules, then remove the cooked scallions and drain them on top.


1. Cook the quick-frozen small round egg, do not need to thaw, take out the quick-frozen small round fruit directly from the refrigerator after the water is opened, and put it into boiling water to cook until the small round egg is fully floated and cooked. 2. After the small round boiled, remove it and put it in cold water to prevent the glutinous rice from sticking together. 3. The sweetness of white sugar water is adjusted according to the sweetness of the mango you use, as well as the taste of each person. If you don't like it, add less sugar. 4. The reason why the mango and white sugar water are mixed together is to adjust the sweetness and consistency of the mango, so that the mango mud and the small round can be better integrated. If the mango is made into mud, it will feel quality. Too thick.

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