Recipe: Dirty pickled pepper duck claw / chicken claw

Home Cooking Recipe: Dirty pickled pepper duck claw / chicken claw


In the hot summer, I came to an iced pickled chicken claw & chicken claws. I have done a lot of pickled duck claws, chicken feet, after many improvements, experiments, and now summarize the best practices. There are lemons and carrots in the picture. Actually, you don't need to put them.



  1. 1: Cut the chicken's claws and remove the nails. The duck claws only remove the nails and do not cut them.

  2. 2: Cook chicken feet: boil water in the pot, add salt, ginger, cooking wine. Put the chicken feet down and cook for 5 minutes, pick up the cold water, and fully cool to restore the elasticity. It is better to add ice cubes for 20 minutes. Cooked duck claws: Add water, cooking wine, ginger, salt, and boil for 5-7 minutes. After the deflation, quickly remove it, otherwise the duck claws will be difficult to restore elasticity. Immediately after the cold water, the duck claws were added to the ice to cool the bubbles for 20 minutes. Note: It is difficult to cook the duck claws directly in the pan. If the teeth are good, you can cook them directly in the pan for 10 minutes.

  3. 3: After the duck claws are cooked, put them together to dry the water and add the vinegar to pickle.

  4. 4: boiled juice: boil water in the pot, put two bowls of cold water, pickle pepper water, pickled pepper (cut half), millet pepper (not cut, use a knife to open a mouth), salt, chicken, rock sugar, white vinegar, vinegar, Soy sauce, bad halo, try the taste, the salty is right, turn off the heat after boiling, add pepper. Cool

  5. 5: After the broth is completely cooled, add raw garlic, dried chili, and sesame oil to put chicken feet, duck feet, and soup in a glass container. Put it in the refrigerator, wait a day to eat it, wait two days for more flavor.

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