Recipe: Dirty milk tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Dirty milk tea


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  1. The first part of the pearl: brown sugar 17 grams of water 90 grams of tapioca powder 100 grams

  2. Practice: 1.17 g add 90 grams of water to boil, take 70 grams of hot brown sugar water and pour into 100 grams of tapioca powder, stir well, wear gloves and knead the dough (make sure the water is hot, otherwise the dough will easily become one Beach mud, wearing gloves is not to be burned). 2. 搓 pearls. Take a little bit of dough and grow it into a strip shape, round it, make it as thin as possible, cut it into small pieces, round it. This will form a small round pearl. Remember to put some tapioca powder in the bowl after the smashing to prevent sticking. 3. Boil the pearls. Put a proper amount of water in the pot, put it in the pearl after boiling, and cook it for 10 minutes after medium and small heat. It is best to turn off the heat for 10 minutes. After passing the cold water, it is elastic and full of crystal. 4. Tanning black syrup. 40 grams of brown sugar into the pot, add the amount of water that has not been brown sugar, small fire to brown sugar melt, stir into thick, then pour into the pearl for a while, until the juice thickens.

  3. The second part is made of cheese milk cover: light cream 100g cream cheese 20g white sugar 10g salt 1g practice: cream cheese softens, use electric egg beater for a while, pour whipped cream and sugar, salt, send a minute to No liquidity. (Do not like salty can not be added)

  4. Finally: Put the good pearl black syrup into the cup, hang the syrup around the cup (so dirty), pour two-thirds of the milk, and then lay a layer of freshly prepared milk cap, and you're done.

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