Recipe: Detox diet fruit and vegetable salad

Home Cooking Recipe: Detox diet fruit and vegetable salad


Vegetable salad is a very nutritious and healthy way to eat. First of all, it does not heat, so it will keep the various nutrients in the vegetables from being destroyed or lost. Secondly, most of the vegetable salads are selected from three or more kinds of vegetables, which is very simple and will complement each other in nutrition. Its role in weight loss, beauty and beauty is very obvious.



  1. Cleaning: Soak in water with environmentally friendly enzymes for 45 minutes, or soak in baking soda for 15 minutes, then wash, then boil water, and control the moisture.

  2. Cut all the vegetables into thin filaments, add the durian or banana to make the sauce and mix well. Of course, it can't be better, because cutting vegetables can also cause nutrient loss.


Please do not add any commercially available salad dressing, please do not add any oil, salt, sugar and the like. It can be seasoned with homemade sauces such as lemon juice, tomato puree, mashed potatoes, and yam puree. Please eat on an empty stomach.

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