Recipe: Delicious duck neck & spicy crayfish & smooth single skin milk (kitchen studio live video class)

Home Cooking Recipe: Delicious duck neck & spicy crayfish & smooth single skin milk (kitchen studio live video class)


[Teaching time] On August 4th, 2017 (Thursday), at 19:00, the live kitchen app will be broadcast live (no geographical restrictions). [Teaching content] During the fitness period, mentioning spicy crayfish, duck neck, and single-skin milk desserts are all avoided because of high heat. The hard fitness fitness V-Binka teacher will teach you these three low-calorie high-protein fitness snacks, so that you can eat snacks without any burden, and you can use them to other dishes after learning. The real food is to know how to balance the body and delicious! At the same time, there are additional benefits, to teach you "squat" movements and skills ~! [You will learn]• Fast-handed low-calorie practice of delicious duck neck • Oil-free cooking tips of spicy crayfish • Make delicious, full-bodied, ultra-low-fat smooth single-skin milk • “No squats and no hips "What should I do in the depths? How to balance between food and body [registration method] kitchen app home kitchen studio can also be viewed.



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Teaching method: Under the kitchen APP video live lecture duration: about 1.5 hours, please check the APP mailbox after ordering, we will send the course guide to you~★ Unlimited video review ★ This course is exclusive to WeChat group ★ After class sharing

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