Recipe: Day lily black fungus stewed bone

Home Cooking Recipe: Day lily black fungus stewed bone


Daylily is also called 萱草, forget the grass, the foreign language is actually called Daylily! ! When I was a child, in addition to stewing soybeans, I loved the daylily stew together. Apart from the adults, it is said that the day lily has the effect of calming the nerves, swelling and so on. The coal cake stove slowly sizzles and the daylily The fragrance has been haunting my heart! ! Coupled with the soft black fungus, Taiwanese people love to drink the "four things soup" in the first two flavors, with the gravy of the bones, soup with rice, really easy to eat too much! !



  1. Wash and cut the pork bones, cold water pot, water just did not pass the bones, boil, rinse once cold water

  2. Cold water again, the water did not pass the bones, the ginger and 2 tablespoons of rice wine, the pressure cooker pressed the fire for 2 minutes, the small fire pressure for 6-7 minutes

  3. Turning the pot of the day lily, the black fungus

  4. At the same time add seasoning, 2 tablespoons rice wine (Shaoxing wine), soy sauce, soy sauce, sugar (stose or white sugar), a little allspice

  5. Press for 2 minutes, turn to low heat for 5 minutes

  6. Open the pot, a little fire in the middle of the fire!


Like the soup more, the last juice can be less time! Like a little thicker, you can pick up the dry! ! For heavy tastes, add some salt to step 6, or sprinkle some more.

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