Recipe: Dark chocolate free baking pudding

Home Cooking Recipe: Dark chocolate free baking pudding



  1. Gelatine tablets ice water soft

  2. Heat milk, dark chocolate, and sugar to the chocolate and melt with sugar, then add the right amount of mango. (Mango is exactly what the family has. I just added some try. This is based on personal taste)

  3. Put the soaked gelatin tablets in 2

  4. Load the prepared pudding bottle~

  5. Finally ~ put in the refrigerator ~ time. . At least put it to solidify ~ I was put it for one night.


Hi~ I use pure dark chocolate. The cocoa content is relatively high. So add more sugar. Otherwise it will be a bit bitter. The taste is not particularly good. This recipe uses the rest of the cake before, what is used. Personal feeling is not bad.

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