Recipe: Dairy pea soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Dairy pea soup


The food in spring is really rich. The cows’ vegetables are the main greens. Let’s eat the spring.



  1. Peel the peas, wash the peas and then remove the peas and remove them.

  2. Put the cooked peas and milk in the cooking machine and stir them. Do not put the milk in one place. If it is too thick, add milk. If you like to drink a little, add more milk.

  3. The peas are stirred into a fine pea puree and then boiled in a small pot.

  4. Season the salt when you cook it. The black pepper powder can be put down according to your own taste.


1. When I was doing it, I didn't specifically weigh peas and milk. The peas probably have a small bowl of rice. The amount of two bowls, the milk used up a small box of Terunsu. 2.Because my cooking machine can't stir hot food, I wait for the peas to cool and stir, then put the small pot and boil. If you are using a broken machine, please skip the third step. 3. You can't drink milk. You can also replace it with water.

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