Recipe: Curry Okra Soba

Home Cooking Recipe: Curry Okra Soba


Okra and curry itself are easy to bring out a smooth sauce, then add a little noodle soup, a steaming autumn dinner.



  1. Okra cabbage washed.

  2. The cabbage is torn into small pieces and cooked with boiling water. Stand out.

  3. The okra is boiled in boiling water for about 50s, and the cold water is taken out. Go to the pedicle, cut a small section.

  4. Boiled noodles.

  5. After the water is boiled and the pan is placed under the pan, add a little oil to the flat-bottom non-stick pan and heat it. Stir in the okra and add the water to the noodle pot and boil it. Slightly boil until the okra and curry are mixed with the noodle soup into a thick sauce.

  6. At this point, you should cook it almost, pick it directly into the okra curry sauce, and evenly roll it over the sauce.

  7. Pour into the bowl, simmer into the noodle soup as you like, and mix in the cabbage.

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