Recipe: Curry mashed potato puree

Home Cooking Recipe: Curry mashed potato puree



  1. Washed and diced potatoes, sliced ​​onion

  2. Pour the potatoes and onions into the pot, boil in the water without boiling the ingredients, and simmer for 10-20 minutes (depending on how much you like to eat soft and mashed mashed potatoes), turn off the heat and put in the curry block and mix evenly. Open a small fire, slightly boiled soup, paste the fire

  3. Pour the right amount of coconut milk (milk) according to your taste, stir well, and get it.


1. Personally think that the curry soup added to the coconut palm juice is wonderful. Although the milk is good, it is almost worse than the coconut milk. 2. Coconut milk, these can be added while eating, adjust the taste at any time, what you like is really delicious (ˉ『ˉ) 3. Eat hot... I can't stand the taste of cold curry anymore, curry is hot or hot~ 4. Potatoes are best to use the kind of big one that has a weight of 1 kg...

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