Recipe: Curry Chicken Cheese Risotto

Home Cooking Recipe: Curry Chicken Cheese Risotto



  1. Bone the chicken legs, cut into small squares 3 cm square, do not remove the skin

  2. Use basil, vanilla, salt, and pepper for a while. Put 1 teaspoon per material.

  3. Hot oil in the pan, fry the chicken pieces, fry the crispy skin, remove the spare

  4. Garlic chopped, stir-fried with curry cubes, stir fry and add coconut juice, the more fried the thicker, the amount is determined according to the amount of rice, you like to cook a little more, cook a little, like to do a little Just cook a little

  5. The rice is placed in a baking bowl, the chicken pieces are placed on the rice, the curry sauce is poured, and a layer of mozzarella cheese is ground and placed in the oven at 180 ° C.

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