Recipe: Curry beef cattle udon noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Curry beef cattle udon noodles


Convenient and delicious Suitable for busy work and student party!嘻嘻



  1. First of all, the beef tenders are processed very well~ it is very simple to cook with water, but when cooking, remember to cut the onion ginger garlic slightly larger and add one or two octagonal into the water to cook together~ can be very large Remove the smell of beef, but if it is not as sensitive to the taste as I am, you can cook it directly, because the curry taste will be very rich in the late stage, and it can also cover the smell. After cooking, the beef will be spared.

  2. Next, cut half a carrot and half an onion. Hot oil in the pot, put the onion, stir fry the scent (I really like the taste of fried onions) and then add the carrots, continue to stir-fry, and pour a small amount of soy sauce

  3. Next, add water, use the bowl you are going to use to make a noodle, probably a bowl of half of water is ok (I usually cook a bag of noodles for one person, if you cook two people, add more water as appropriate)

  4. After the water is opened, add curry. After the curry is completely removed, taste the saltiness of the soup, adjust it as appropriate (see the taste of the individual) and then add the udon noodles. The udon noodles are better cooked. Generally, it takes seven or eight minutes to cook. ~

  5. When the udon noodles are almost ready to be cooked, add the cooked beef before cooking together and then you can eat it! I feel that the little friends who are more tired of curry can sprinkle some chopped green onion, which is more refreshing and better.

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