Recipe: Curry Beef Brisket

Home Cooking Recipe: Curry Beef Brisket


Curry sirloin, a more classic curry dish, beef fiber is thicker, not easy to boil, so do sirloin, need to simmer slowly, I usually make sirloin, will be patiently stewed for two or three hours, stewed sirloin Rotten, in order to better absorb the taste of curry. And make a bowl of super delicious, curry-flavored curry burdock, and the same ingredients that serve the finishing touch: coconut milk. At the end of the curry dish, pour some coconut milk to cook together, which will make the texture of the curry dish thicker and more easily wrapped on the surface of the burdock; the curry blends the unique aroma of the coconut milk, making the whole dish taste or color. , all presented in the most perfect posture.



  1. Prepare materials

  2. The burdock is cut into small pieces and rinsed repeatedly with running water until no blood seeps. Boil the water in the pan, pour cold water into the pan, and boil for another two minutes (do not cover). Remove, rinse with water and drain

  3. Carrots, potatoes, washed and peeled into small pieces, peeled off the onion, cut into pieces

  4. Heat the pan, pour the oil, pour the oil into the vegetable block of step 3, keep the medium heat and stir fry until the surface of the carrot and potatoes tightens the edges and some are browned.

  5. Use the remaining oil in the pot to sauté the ginger slices and the onion

  6. Pour the sirloin block that has been drained in the water. The fire will continue to stir for about two minutes.

  7. Add enough water to the pot, boil, simmer, add a tablespoon of wine

  8. Turn to low heat after boiling, cover and cook for two hours

  9. Open the lid, add the fried vegetable pieces in step 4, add three pieces of curry, stir and boil, cover and cook for 10 minutes.

  10. Open the lid, add 30ml of coconut milk, stir evenly, taste the taste, if you can add some salt, adjust the taste, you can cook


1. The coconut milk used here is not coconut milk, nor milk. Only coconut milk can stimulate the rich curry. I bought coconut milk online, and some imported supermarkets can also buy it. 2. The meat is drowning, the cold water is boiled in the pot, and the blood of the beef is more, so it takes three minutes to cook the blood in the meat. The whole drowning process can't be overwritten. Let the meat smell spread out. If it is covered, it will let the smell of meat come out and cook back into the meat. 3. Potatoes Carrots These vegetables are fried with oil beforehand and the surface is tightened. This way, when cooking later, especially potatoes, they can maintain their shape and are not easy to boil.

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