Recipe: Cumin mutton rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Cumin mutton rice



  1. Cut the fresh mutton, add a little salt and starch, and marinate for 10 minutes. The raisins should be soaked in water in advance. When it becomes soft, gently grab it by hand and wash it several times to ensure no sediment.

  2. Add more oil to the pot than twice the usual cooking. When heated to 50% heat, add the millet pepper and mutton to stir-fry.

  3. When the lamb starts to change color, add onion and stir fry

  4. When the onion is fragrant, add a bowl of overnight rice, slowly stir-fry, and add two tablespoons of cumin powder, a spoonful of sugar, salt, and mix well.

  5. Finally, add the raisins that have been drained, add a spoonful of white pepper, and mix well.

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