Recipe: Cucumber mixed with sea bream

Home Cooking Recipe: Cucumber mixed with sea bream


Haitangtou, which was in stock before the Spring Festival, was still crispy for a few months! It is especially good for mixing cucumbers and white radishes. If you have a hot weather, you want to eat cold salad...



  1. The jellyfish head is repeatedly soaked in clear water to remove salt, and the folds are opened and rinsed and drained;

  2. Spread the sea bream head in the sieve, quickly rush into the boiling water to filter, cool down and cut into silk;

  3. Cucumber cut into silk, salted and marinated for 10 minutes, rinsed and squeezed out of water for use;

  4. Mix the cucumber and sea bream, cut the red pepper into silk, and pour in the salad dressing, syrup and sesame oil.


Do not overheat the sea bream, otherwise the taste is not crispy like a rubber band; without lemon salad juice, it can be prepared with vinegar + soy sauce + sugar + sesame oil.

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