Recipe: Cucumber egg soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Cucumber egg soup



  1. Cucumber washed and cut into diamond pieces, onion ginger cut filament

  2. Put the oil in the pot and heat it. After the oil is hot, put the onion ginger and shabu-shabu.

  3. Put the cucumber slices and stir fry a few times, then put in the right amount of water.

  4. Eggs break into the bowl and break up

  5. After the soup is opened, pour in the egg liquid and push it with a spoon for a few times. Wait until the egg flower is formed and turn off the fire.

  6. Add the right amount of salt, seasoning with sesame oil


If you want to make a beautiful egg flower, it is actually very simple, but it is also very important: you must wait until the soup in the pot is boiling and then the egg liquid! Push a few times with a spoon, and the egg flower will form a fire immediately! The action must be fast!

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