Recipe: Crystal steamed cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Crystal steamed cake


Steamed cake is one of the noodles that the maiden loves. The steamed cake made by the mother is as thin as a flap, and the strength is elastic. The meat and vegetables are looming, and there are crystals. I call him - crystal steamed cake. Crystal steamed cake is not difficult, but the process is very cumbersome. You need to take out one by one, lick one, put one into the pan to steam. Because each one has been steamed for about 1-2 minutes, it will never stick. All the cakes are finished and almost steamed. The cake that has just been steamed out is sorghumed. When it is eaten, it is peeled off layer by layer, and the meat is eaten!



  1. Slowly add boiling water to the flour and stir while adding

  2. And soft dough, covered with plastic wrap

  3. After about half an hour, knead into a smooth dough.

  4. 搓 growth bar

  5. 揪成小面剂

  6. Apply oil on the chopping board and place a small noodle on the oiled chopping board

  7. Start with a rolling pin, round the fan, and roll into a thin cake.

  8. Steamer boiling water

  9. Remove the bread from the chopping board

  10. Put the cake on the plate, cover it, continue to lick the second

  11. Knead the cake, put the cake, smash the cake, put the cake, and finish all the noodles in turn.

  12. All the cakes are finished, cover, steam for 5 minutes, turn off the fire

  13. Cabbage shredded silk

  14. The pot boils and boils the cabbage

  15. Prepare the orange succulent pork and the drizzled cabbage

  16. Take out the cake, one by one, uncover

  17. Put the cabbage and pork belly on the cake, roll it up, and eat it.


1, the surface is hot, must use boiling water. The dough must be soft. 2, the cake is very thin, therefore, the chopping board must be smeared, otherwise it is easy to uncover! 3, steamer boil water, then put the cake, medium heat, smash a piece, put a piece, it is best to hand and foot Ma Li point, don't waste too much time. 4, it is best to put a piece of cake, and then steam for about 5 minutes. 5, take with you, do not take it out first, cold and easy to hard.

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