Recipe: Crystal pigskin

Home Cooking Recipe: Crystal pigskin



  1. Boil a pot of water, place ginger, shallots, cooking wine, then put the pig's skin in it for two minutes.

  2. The pig's skin with good water scrapes off the grease on the surface. It must be scraped clean, then rinsed in warm water and rubbed off excess oil.

  3. Rinse the fat pig skin with water, cut into small strips, pour into the pot according to the ratio of pig skin and warm water (the water temperature is not hot) (put a small spoonful of salt, stir until the salt melts, or not Put the cover on the surface and put a few holes in the toothpick.

  4. Pour water into the steamer, add water to the water at one time, boil over the fire, and turn to the fire for one hour.

  5. The steamed pork skin is taken out and allowed to cool at room temperature, and then refrigerated in the refrigerator for more than five hours. After refrigerating, remove and cut into the size and shape you want (can be served with garlic sauce and chili oil, super delicious.)

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