Recipe: Crystal dice

Home Cooking Recipe: Crystal dice


The Dragon Boat Festival is just around the corner, and not to mention that the scorpion is a typical starchy food. The fashionable girls have begun to calculate the heat of the scorpion. Take a scorpion as an example, a small scorpion, with a calorie of 120 kcal; The meat that you often eat, the calories are about 200 to 250 kcal, so the calories of a dice are often much higher than the calories of a bowl of rice. I really don’t know if I’m scared, how about changing the way to eat? ! I think this crystal dice is the first choice for love women.



  1. The eucalyptus leaves and the horseshoe grass are boiled and then rinsed with cold water. This method can increase the toughness of the leaves and grasses, and it is not easy to break when bundled. (Please look at the method of tying the scorpions - Duanwu Musk)

  2. Simi in water, just need to wet the sago, then drain the water, add sugar according to each taste, add a little cooking oil and mix thoroughly

  3. Wrap the sago into the washed cilantro and tighten with the horse grass

  4. Electric pressure cooker, steam for 30 minutes


1. Add rose tea, matcha powder, etc., and mix the candied dates or raisins to change the crystal scorpion into a variety of patterns; 2. The quality of the horse grass in this year is extremely poor. Maybe the shop under my house is darker. If there is a cotton rope in the house, it is recommended to bundle it with cotton rope; 3, when cooking with a common pressure cooker, then cook until the steam is turned into a small fire, continue to cook for 20 minutes; 4, when you eat, you can put honey on the crystal enamel after refrigerating, it is a summer heat!

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