Recipe: Crispy sauce duck leg

Home Cooking Recipe: Crispy sauce duck leg



  1. After the duck legs are washed, put them into the pot, add the onion and ginger slices at the same time, cook until the surface is whitish to semi-ripe (about 10 minutes after boiling), turn off the fire, remove the duck legs, hot water Blood foam and duck oil cooked on the surface

  2. Take another pot, pour a little salad oil, heat it, put the side of the duck leg with the skin down, fry until the duck skin is golden and crispy, then fry the other side to color

  3. Pour the chopped green onion, ginger, star anise, and sugar into the pot. Pour the rice wine and cover it immediately. After the water vapor disappears in the pan, open the lid and add the soy sauce.

  4. Add hot water to the pot until it is flush with all the materials, add a large fire and boil it, then change to a small fire. After the sauce is quickly dried, pour in salt and sesame oil to mix the fragrance, then turn off the fire.

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