Recipe: Crispy meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Crispy meat



  1. Wash pork and cut thick and even slices, marinate for half an hour with cooking wine and salt.

  2. Mix starch with egg, flour, salt, peppercorns and pure water, mix the marinated pork slices and mix well.

  3. The oil pan is burned to 80% heat, and the pork slices that are simmered into the paste are fried to golden color. First, the skin is fried and set with a large fire, and then it is turned into a small fire and fried into golden, and the golden flakes on both sides can be removed.


1. Don't like lean meat, use pork belly. 2, some practices introduce the meat after washing to control the moisture, sliced ​​directly into the paste, but I like to pickle first, feel more flavored. 3, my paste used a little more flour, I like to wrap a thicker, half of the meat to eat half, to eat too much meat, fat. 4, when the meat is under the oil pan, use the chopsticks to unfold the pieces of meat, otherwise it will become a group, it is not good to blow through.

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