Recipe: Crispy fried soft shell crab

Home Cooking Recipe: Crispy fried soft shell crab


Simple dishes are a little troublesome when the crab entrance is caught by the lake entrance. The frozen crab will be better.



  1. If the crab is treated, it should be frozen. After thawing, if it is fresh, please make your own brain.

  2. Eggs are scattered. Add powdered seasonings, add wine and flour. Drink plenty of water. Stir as much as possible.

  3. I used a small milk pot and added half of the oil.

  4. Try the oil temperature. Use a chopstick to dip a little batter. If you get into the oil quickly, if you have a small bubble, you can use the crab to batter.

  5. Large bubbles become small bubbles and can be clipped out. The color is slightly yellow. It is recommended to fry twice. The second time can be used for so long.

  6. carry out!


You can apply a layer of starch before battering. It is not easy to spread the batter. The batter is probably in the batter of the pancake fruit.

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