Recipe: Crispy egg roll

Home Cooking Recipe: Crispy egg roll


I always feel that cooking is not a simple imitation, because the same formula, different people will make different tastes. Maybe the ingredients are different, maybe the techniques are different. Recipes can let you take shortcuts, but the ultimate success or failure depends on how much you try and practice. To make this egg roll, I also collected a lot of recipes, tried a lot of different ratios and materials, and finally made a version that I was quite satisfied with. At first, I tried the vegetable oil version of Xiaoting. The taste was very crisp, and it was broken at first sight, but it felt a bit greasy. So I tried the whole butter version of the rabbit. It was a little fragrant, but the buttery taste was heavy, and the taste was very crisp. These two kinds of egg rolls say that the amount of oil is really too big, and they don't dare to eat more, and it seems like some oil returning, the feeling of tides. Husband asked why the egg rolls are not crisp? In his impression, the egg roll should be crunchy. So I checked a lot of prescriptions, and I did many experiments, and finally developed a crisp, non-greasy formula. The practice is completely reference to the rabbit, plus your own practice, you can make crispy egg rolls.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Add all the eggs, sugar, vegetable oil and melted butter into the pot, stir evenly with a manual egg beater, add about 100g of milk, and mix well.

    Add all the eggs, sugar, vegetable oil and melted butter into the pot, stir evenly with a manual egg beater, add about 100g of milk, and mix well.

  2. Sift the flour into the egg liquid of step (1) and mix well. At this time the batter is thicker and there may be a little grain.

  3. Slowly add the remaining milk, stir each time until the water is completely blended into the batter and add the next water.

  4. Add to the batter consistency such as thin yogurt, use a spoon to pick up the batter to drop smoothly, and finally add black sesame and mix well. (The batter is a little bit more brittle)

  5. The egg roll mold is preheated for 10 minutes. Use a spoon to pour a spoonful of batter into the middle of the egg roll mold.

  6. Cover the egg roll mold. At this time, there will be a squeaking sound, and you can see the heat coming out.

  7. Simmer for about 40-60 seconds, you can turn it over and look at the bottom of the batter that has just been fried. Wait until the batter is slightly browned. Continue to fry for another 45-65 seconds, and fry until the batter is slightly yellow. . (The fire and time should be practiced more. I always use the minimum fire, so the time of frying will be longer. The color of the batter becomes yellowish, and there is no transparency.)

  8. Open the lid, use the chopsticks to hold the egg roll and roll it up. If it is flat, you can pull out a chopstick and press it slightly.

  9. Put it on the drying rack and wait for the cooling. All are completely cooled and sealed in a bag.


Must see the main points: 1. All the vegetables can be used in the recipe, but the butter will be more fragrant, but all of them feel awkward with butter (my family doesn't like butter and smell). 2. Flour is made with ordinary medium-gluten flour, which is made with low-powder. This taste is more brittle. 3. Add the milk to the batter to a thin yogurt with a certain consistency and flow. Contrast, the thin batter has a more crisp taste. Milk can also be replaced with 130-150g water. Adding water is pure sweet. Putting milk will be a little bit savory and tastes richer. If you add water, you can sprinkle with a few grains of salt, just a little bit. 4. The fried batter must be in place, this requires you to exercise more judgment. Generally, I fry on both sides until it appears yellowish and re-rolled, but I can't fry it. If it is not enough to be fried, it will be soft and will not become brittle. If it is overcooked, it will be pasted, and when the roll is rolled, the chopsticks will be broken and cannot be rolled up. It will not break when it is just rolled, and it will be crisp if it is rolled for 5 or 6 seconds. 5. This volume can probably make 20 egg rolls.

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