Recipe: Crisp soy

Home Cooking Recipe: Crisp soy


Last time my friend ate Dandan at home, he said, "If you are a little crispy, you will be more perfect." Look at this group of people, it is good to eat.  Also pick and choose four ~ 哼  Crisp soy beans are simple to make, can be kept for a while, may wish to do something to prevent further picking up the thorns~  I miss the classmate who just went to Germany, she is the most embarrassed, as long as it is dripping, never picking, a sentence is too good to say from the beginning to the end ~ haha



  1. Practice 1: Suitable for masters who are not good at heat, afraid of simmering oil 1. Soak the soybeans overnight, remove the drained water, put it into the pot, pour the cold oil without the soybeans. 2. Open the small fire and slowly fry for about 15 minutes. The pot is not so much in the pot, it’s almost the same. Take out the oil and absorb the oil, sprinkle the salt, and let it cool after the cooling.

  2. Practice 2: Need a certain amount of experience, we must grasp the heat 1. Soak the soybeans overnight, remove the drained water 2. Put the oil in the pot, burn to 50% heat (about 100 degrees), and simmer in the soybeans for two or three minutes (may The movement will be quite big, don't be afraid~) 3. Remove the yellow beans and let it dry for a while, then fire again to burn the oil to 50% heat, and then add the yellow beans to the pan and fry until it will not smash.


Can be used as a noodle, hot and sour powder ingredients ~ to spoon this is indeed more authentic delicious  You can also treat your gay men as a snack.  After cooling, put it in a dry place for about 2 weeks.

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