Recipe: Crisp soy

Home Cooking Recipe: Crisp soy



  1. Soak it in cold water for a day (water is at least 3 times that of soybean), remove it and remove it.

  2. Add oil to the pot and put the beans in the cold. Why do you want cold oil? Because the benefits of cold oil are many - not to explode, and the slowly dehydrated soybeans are more fragrant

  3. Slowly fried on a small fire. Still the same child - slowly dehydrated and more fragrant

  4. Push it from time to time. If you are lazy, no matter what it does.

  5. When the foam is less, it is necessary to start checking that the soy crisp is not crisp. It’s not good to taste it with your mouth. First, it’s a hot mouth. If you don’t let the beauty disfigured, the handsome guy is eclipsed. The sin of old wheat is big. Second, crispy things are generally not crispy when hot, crispy when cold. If it's hot, it's crispy, then it's cold and it's burnt - after the heat

  6. Therefore, the best way to check is to use a colander to lick some soy beans. If it is crisp and pleasing, then OK, if it is not crisp enough, continue to fry.

  7. Boiled out and spread out on paper, sucking oil :)

  8. After it is cold, it can be placed in the bottle. Use with you :)


After finishing the practice, Lao Mai talks about the "seventy-two changes" of the crispy soybeans: 1. Direct white stuttering, suitable for pairing two or two shochu. A soy bean, a bite of wine. 2. Sprinkle some salt and pepper, it is also an excellent wine, porridge killer. 3. Sprinkle some sugar, sweet zero mouth. 4. With the shoulders partner, the smoothness of the noodles and the crispness of the soy beans, the contrast of the entrance, the different textures can stimulate the same pleasure. 5. With the red oil bean flower partner, the tenderness of the bean flower and the crisp of the soybean, after the entrance, the tongue is swallowed. 6. Compatible with crispy dishes, crispy and crispy. 7. Partner with dry pot dishes. The taste is more intense and the level is more.

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